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Special report on war and peace in the Kivus
Although all foreign forces left Congo following the Pretoria and Lusaka peace accords of July and September 2002 ... otherwise known as the Mutuelle Agricole de Virunga. That led to inter-ethnic conflict that still continues in one form or another.

Greek banks have reopened as the country tries to return to normal
ATHENS (Reuters) - Greeks queued outside banks on Monday as they reopened three weeks after closing to stop the system collapsing under a flood of withdrawals, the first cautious sign of a return to normal after ... outside bank branches in central Athens.

Lotus Debuts New 'Hey We're Still Trying' Special Edition
Lotus, the hero of our story barely clinging to a branch over the edge of a tall waterfall, just announced a new (?) car, the Lotus Evora GT430. It’s like the Lotus Evora that debuted in 2009, only this one is not from 2009, it’s a real car made by the.

'Islamic State': Raqqa's loss seals rapid rise and fall
Within a year, IS had branches or affiliates ... of what life is like under Islamic State group rule. IS departments carried the organisation's grip into every corner of life, including finance, agriculture, education, transport, health, welfare and.

Qatar confident of achieving its national goals: Emir
We have, of course, taken the necessary measures to counter the new challenges in areas of air and maritime transport and to find alternative ... in addition to opening new branches for them in various locations in the State. The government will present.

The Propaganda War Over Crimea's Break From Ukraine
The bank's 65 branches in Crimea have been confiscated ... He says, "In general, there are many problems in Crimea, especially due to the difficult and expensive transport connections. But still, the majority have much higher salaries and pensions.

Europe's waterways Channels of smart commerce, fine life
The Danube river branches out into a delta in eastern Romania ... In 1964, Germany required biodegradable detergents. International accords concluded among Germany, France and Holland restricted many forms of pollution from the 1970s onward.

2017 Ram Power Wagon First Drive Review: Big. Heavy. Capable
2019 BMW 3 Series: What to Expect From the Next Spor... 6 Standout Features on the 2018 Hyundai Kona Six Tech Highlights From AutoMobility L.A. 100K Club: 8 L.A. Auto Show Debuts That Cost at Leas... The Best Sub-$35,000 Cars at the 2017 Los Angeles Au.

Farc rebel group in peace talks: Is Colombia’s 50-year war about to end?
It was dusk in the Amazon as the two female guerrillas stashed the canoe and camouflaged it with branches and leaves ... For decades it constituted a de facto government in its strongholds to the south and east, regions long neglected by the government.

Are Monopolies Holding Mexico Back?
When Nafta took effect on Jan. 1, 1994, there was optimism in Mexico that the free trade accord, along with a raft of other market ... where one player, Teléfonos de México, is so dominant that it exercises a de facto monopoly. [Telmex is controlled.