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List of Internet top-level domains explained
Seven generic top-level domains were created early in the development of the Internet, and predate the creation of ICANN in 1998. .org organization Public Interest Registry This is an open TLD; any person or entity is permitted to register. Originally.

coordonnées de conttact telephone GDF SUEZ
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“Dites-moi tu”?! la perception de la difficulté du système des pronoms d’adresse en Français
The present contribution considers the perception of difficulty of the use of pronouns in the address system in French by 23 native (NSs) and 102 non-native (NNSs) speakers of French. The NNS judged the system to be, « quite difficult » on average, while.

Ethical Ethnic Patenting
This week's CNE blog was about whether Millennium's breast-cancer gene patent is racist. The background is the ongoing patent struggle in the EU where many groups want to void the patent, enabling cheaper competing tests for mutated versions of the BRCA.

Catalogul Vizitelor de Studiu 2006-2007
education in our conservatory. Our students are between 10 and 25 years old. They are admitted by a special ability with the system of the Çukurova University. So,the study project we would like to prepare will give the participiants a possibility to see.