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Weekly Political Review: Where Are the Women in Tunisia’s New Cabinet?
Ali Laarayedh, the prime minister-designate and the outgoing interior minister announced the composition of his new Cabinet on Friday. The new government expected to accelerate the process of national reconciliation and rebuilding has attracted a lot of.

Welcome to the Data Protection Register of notifications of the European Parliament
This register gathers notifications on the processing of personal data carried out by the Institution. Use the Search Box by entering the key words of the processing operations you are interested in (e.g. recruitment, questionnaire, evaluation etc.), name.

Macron stands by cabinet ally Ferrand as ethics row rages on
With critical legislative elections looming in June, French president Emmanuel Macron could have done without allegations of impropriety against a close associate – and cabinet minister ... tenure at the head of the Mutuelles de Bretagne, a non.

List of proposed new top-level domains
AAA American Automobile Association, Inc.

A Who's Who of Emmanuel Macron's inner circle
he combines impeccable working-class credentials with experience of the private sector - he turned around the bankrupt Mutuelles de Bretagne health insurance company - and an understanding of the inner workings of government as a former cabinet adviser.

Family Medicine Forum (FMF)
Welcome to the FMF 2016 marketplace! Bienvenue au Marché du FMF 2016! The exhibitors are excited to be here to showcase new and innovative products and services available in Canada. We have more than 200 exhibitors, including medical device manufacturers.

Residual cardiovascular risk in treated hypertension and hyperlipidaemia: the PRIME Study
the Comité pour le Développement de la Médecine du Travail; the Mutuelle Générale des PTT du Bas-Rhin; the Laboratoire d'Analyses de l'Institut de Chimie Biologique de la Faculté de Médecine de Strasbourg; the Department of Health (NI) and the.

Prime Minister of Canada announces closer collaboration with the United Kingdom
OTTAWA, Sept. 18, 2017 /CNW/ - The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, met today with Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom (UK). The two leaders took the opportunity to set the foundation for an even stronger Canada-UK relationship, especially in.