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For $25,000, Would You Like To Wake Up Next To This 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII “Sleeper?“
Coupe D’etat indeed. Today we have another coupe, albeit an older one and with a good bit less complication across the board. Oh yeah, it also comes with a claimed 735 horsepower. Lincoln’s Mark VIII was the last edition of the long-running luxo-coupe.

PREGAME NOTES: Pablo Sandoval is one happy All-Star, Aubrey Huff’s break starts early, Riggleman could join Giants front office, etc.
I asked Giants clubhouse manager Mike Murphy if he had time to apply stars to the back of Pablo Sandoval’s cap for tonight’s game, after the Kung Fu Panda was named to the NL All-Star team as an injury replacement. “Oh, he’ll get ’em tomorrow.

Video documentary – Carthage: The Roman Holocaust
This is an excellent documentary with the purpose of addressing a story which is yet to be fully told, and when it has been it was mostly been done with a pack of lies and fabrications by roman historians. And as it is commonly known, history is written by.

HIV and pregnancy-related mortality account for almost half of the deaths in women between 15 and 49 years old ABC0<&B"7%#&-#$&C%-;'(<&[email protected]/&G(-'& is why we continue to prioritise pregnant women and children. In this area, the lessons learnt over the past.

Job Posting: Steve Cohen’s Personal Venture Capitalist
What’s Steve Cohen supposed to do now with a fresh $1.4 billion in his pocket and no Zamboni to ride around on: Throw some cash at tech companies. Sources say Stevie’s henchmen are looking for a seasoned venture capitalist to invest about $100 million.