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France: events and festivals in 2009
As the French poet Pierre de Ronsard said some 450 years ago ... festivals this year in the Joan-related cities of Rouen (May 6-7), Orléans (May 7-8), and Reims (June 13-14). Domrémy, her family’s home village in the Vosges, is also staging an.

Time to Save the Croissants
He added, “We have the best gastronomy in the world.” For decades, Unesco has kept a list of World Heritage Sites — from Machu Picchu and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Reims to the ancient city of Thebes and the Great Wall of China — which it.

New Zealand Standardbred Breeders’ Association
19. VACCINATIONS, WORMING and FOOTCARE - Studmasters are entitled to specify, and make reasonable charges for, an appropriate vaccination, de-worming and footcare programme for mares entering their property. Broodmare owners are encouraged to seek.

Louis-René Villermé
His chief title to renown is his "Tableau de l'état physique et moral des ouvriers employés ... To Villermé belongs the credit of having given an accurate diagnosis of the industrial evils which social Catholicism later sought to remedy.