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The Future Church: What does it mean to be an inclusive Church?
A church that is inclusive means we can’t allow space for exclusion. And here is the ironic thing ... If we start putting fences around our definitions, than the definition we begin with is negated (no longer exists). Some aren’t comfortable with.

Transitional Justice in Tunisia: fragmentation and competition
Ironically, the authors point out, such representation may itself be yet another form of exclusion if victims’ voices are eclipsed by those of their «better heard» representatives (such as victims’ groups or civil society organizations.

Thread Support in Qt
Qt provides thread support in the form of basic platform-independent threading ... When using Qt in a multithreaded program, it is important to understand the definition of the terms reentrant and thread-safe: reentrant - Describes a function which can.

Prospective associations between energy balance-related behaviors at 2 years of age and subsequent adiposity: the EDEN mother–child cohort
Exclusion criteria were multiple pregnancies ... Association of Diabetic Patients (AFD)), French Agency for Environmental Health Safety (now ANSES), Mutuelle Générale de l’Education Nationale (a complementary health insurance fund) (MGEN), French.

Premiers pas avec Xenomai - Developpez.com
Comme il n'est pas forcément aisé de comprendre directement la pertinence des solutions apportées par Xenomai, ce tutoriel décrit les limitations de Linux dans le cadre d'applications temps réel contraintes et introduit progressivement Xenomai.