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Intro to the Multimeter with Hands-on Lab Exercises
In this introductory class you will learn how to use a multimeter to perform basic yet essential electronic measurements that are useful either for learning electronics or for troubleshooting problems in electronic equipment. The class will consist of a.

Proper generator set sizing requires analysis of parameters and loads
The next and most important step in sizing a generator is to identify every type and size of load the equipment will be expected to power ... is more generally the case and is a result of the inductance of the circuit. Power factor (PF) is the ratio.

We Really Ought To Name Something “Bob”
You gotta love the whimsical Canadians. Sadly, the name Bob was rejected. Ever since I’ve been thinking we really ought to name something, Bob. Which brings me to the church. One of the things that drives me crazy about being a Pastor is that I spend.

PSU Repair: A Case Study
This is what 0.05Ω or so on a low-ESR cap should look like. There is some oscillation when the step is applied due to series inductance in the wiring and cap, then the capacitor voltage step settles at about 0.3mV above its initial voltage within nanoseconds.

Tunisia: Behind Tunisia’s ‘Economic Miracle’: Inequality and criminalization of protest
They also lack or have inadequate access to drinking water, sewage and sanitation services, electricity, household equipment and adequate housing ... and applied by the authorities to curb their full exercise. These limitations not only violate Tunisia.

Single-ended or differential? That is the question
At higher frequencies, the ground inductance allows a voltage to develop between the ... Differential probing is absolutely necessary for measurement equipment to be useful in this new realm. Differential probes can make better measurements on single.

Continuous fitness check predicts potential machine faults
The goal of the research team is to develop a set of sensors and modules that will allow companies that operate plant machinery to put together a fitness check specifically tailored to the needs of their plant or equipment. 'The customized sensors can.

Avionics Technicians
I see no mention of avionics or electronics technician ... (b) A certificated mechanic may not exercise the privileges of his certificate and rating unless he understands the current instructions of the manufacturer, and the maintenance manuals, for.

LCR Meter Market 2016 Trend, Analysis and Forecast
Handheld LCR meter is portable, lightweight, battery powered, and consists of a universal serial bus (USB). It has a measurement accuracy of 0.1% to 0.2%. Benchtop LCR meter is non-portable. It has some additional features such as programmable frequency.

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Releases Small Active-Clamp MOSFET for Relay Drivers
Photo: Business Wire) The SSM3K357R protects drivers against damage from voltage surges, such as back-EMF caused by inductance. It integrates a ... control for industry Clutch control for OA equipment Features Active clamp structure suitable for driving.