Inductance Mutuelle Formule Trigonometrie

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Wideband inductive antenna for contactless communication systems
Device for transmitting and/or receiving signals, by contactless inductive coupling comprising at least a structure forming one or more antennas, said structure comprising: a plurality of conducting links (102, 106) lying in at least two parallel and.

Method, circuit and device for contactless communication with activated emission
The circuit (1) has electromagnetic field receiving and transmitting units for sending data, where transmission is synchronized with reception. A receiving antenna (7) receives the data. A transmitting antenna (8) transmits the data, where the antennas are.

Influence of the inductor shape, and the magnetization processes on a trapped magnetic flux in a superconducting bulk
In this paper, we study the form of the inductor for producing a magnetic field in a superconductor bulk by using a method of PFM (Pulsed Field Magnetization). We tested two inductors: vortex coil and systeme of three coils, where we found the best results.

Cable Modelling for Electromagnetic Transients in Power Systems
field is alternating current energy propagation in medium and high voltage cables with a focus on the simulation of the propagation in submarine cable systems. It is introduced that these cable systems need improved modelling with transient simulation.

Electromagnetic transponder system designed for long-range transmission
The critical distance value is e.g. 5 cm, and the inductance (L2) of the parallel circuit is minimized. The inductance (L2) is chosen so to satisfy the relation: kopt = (R1L2/R2L1)<1/2>, where kopt is the value of coupling coefficient giving the maximum.

What are the Scientific Roots of Sadi Carnot’s Cycle?
In this section we investigate the possible origin of the idea of the cycle in Sadi Carnot’s work, following the hypothesis of an analogy with the electric circuit in Alessandro Volta’s battery. First we will present a comparison from the standpoint of.

Recharge of an active transponder
The method involves adapting a series variable resistor (31) of an oscillating circuit of a terminal based on an empty value when a transponder is present within a range of the terminal. The empty value depends on operation of the terminal when the.

Mesures sur bobines de Tesla
We consider here preliminary measurements before first light. A scientific and rational way allows you to get results more quikly than an empirical one. These measurements allow a better adaptation of the various components and a better understanding of.

Electromagnetic transponder system designed for short-range transmission
The inductance (L2) is maximized, and the capacitance (C2) is minimized. The inductance (L2) is chosen so to satisfy the relation; kopt - (R1L2/R2L1)<1/2>, where kopt is the value of coupling coefficient giving the maximum voltage (V2max) on poles of.