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Le cours Wake Up réveille les cadres de la finance tentés par l'aventure startup - La Tribune.fr
Céline Lazorthes, la fondatrice de la cagnotte en ligne Leetchi, est l'une des intervenantes à la formation Wake Up. (Crédits : Wake Up) Networking de luxe, apprentissage du code et séance de coaching : "l'école de la Fintech", une formation en six.

6 reasons your logos fail
Have a look at Nike’s logo, which according to this study is the most recognized logo in the US. It’s very simple, and though not related to the nature of the business, does the job well. Credit ... best solution is to use vector graphics.

Two Infants Too Young For Vaccinations Contract Measles From Unvaccinated People At Disneyland
California officials issued a health alert this week over a measles outbreak that appears to have originated at Disneyland theme parks. Nine cases of the highly contagious virus have been confirmed so far in people who recently visited the tourist.

Scandale Ikea : tout a commencé au magasin de Franconville... - La Tribune.fr
Copyright Reuters (Crédits : BLOOMBERG NEWS) Flicage, espionnage, infiltration des salariés... Le scandale qui frappe le géant de la distribution est l'aboutissement d'une longue suite de rebondissements dont l'histoire commence au début de l'année&nbsp.

Biogaz, une énergie locale, renouvelable et vertueuse - Journal Paysan Breton
Le financement, d'un total de 2,5 millions d'euros, a été assuré par le Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne qui, en tant que partenaire bancaire de l'exploitation, a suivi toute la genèse du projet (lire par ailleurs). « Une partie a été financée en crédit-bail.

More Machine Learning About Congress’ Priorities
For instance, a bill to create a “workforce development tax credit” is classified as a bill about taxation ... It assigns each word and each press release a numeric vector in 100-space where similar words have vectors that are close to one another.

These Redesigned MLB Stadium Logos Are Better Than the Real Thing
To his credit, corporate branding still plays a major role in almost all of the designs. But they do feel less visually discordant than the current approach—which tends to be just slapping whatever vector logo Petco or Minute Maid had lying around onto.

Ralph Lauren (RL) CEO Patrice Louvet on Q2 2018 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
As an example, as part of our Stadium launch in September, we dropped a special capsule of knitwear items with the famous P wing logo in select Macy's and ... our strong balance sheet and investment-grade credit rating to provide strategic flexibility.

Increase Image Resolution: Convert Raster Images to Vector
Therefore, for images that need to be scaled to higher resolution, it is better to use vector graphics. I will demonstrate how to use Inkscape to convert the Inkscape logo above into an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image. SVG is a vector graphics file.

Our Favorite Free Resources for Designers
Think fonts, logos, images ... This community-supported site offers thousands of vector icons, free to use under a Creative Commons [In other words, you may use the image for free as long as you credit the creator.] Icons are also available to purchase.

The 50 Best British Menswear Brands
The 1986 introduction of the vector logo symbolised a focus on performance ... Though some have tried to snatch credit away and apply it to a tail-less jacket spotted in New York’s Tuxedo Park, it’s a widely accepted truth that esteemed Savile Row.