Loi 2014 Mutuelle Obligatoire

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Video: Religious right rioters give fascist salute then attack police in France over gay marriage
In yet another video, we see more evidence of widespread violence in Paris yesterday from religious right anti-gay thugs who outright antagonized and attacked French police while giving the fascist one-handed salute in the air. Heckuva way to celebrate.

Benedict XVI and Education
In May comes graduation days. Commencement time offers a moment for reflection on the purpose of higher education — especially in our Catholic universities. And every year we watch the Catholic universities to see who the commencement speakers are, and.

JAPAN Shining A Light On the Land of the Rising Sun
Japan: Shining A Light On the Land of the Rising Sun Proceedings & Essays of the 20th Annual Glendon College International Studies Symposium Le Japon: Éclairant le Pays du Soleil Levant Actes de Colloque & Dissertations du 20ième Symposium Annuel des.