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Lataji, please show us Mohammed Rafi’s apology letter
is not around either to clear the air. The Rafi-Lata argument over royalties is old hat. That they didn’t sing together for several years in the 1960s is well known. What was not known so far was the existence of an “I-am-sorry” missive from Mohammed.

Are Demand Charges The Next Big Thing In Residential Electricity Rates?
Source: Adapted from SDG&E The above chart shows two similar customers each with rooftop solar, air conditioning, and a pool pump. The blue line shows one customer using timers and other load controls to align consumption with solar output and away from.

Climate of confusion on carbon policy
Considering the political football climate policy has become, who can blame us for our division and confusion on the issue? Peter Lewis and Jackie Woods write. As the spectacle of Clive Palmer's climate policy announcement recedes into a haze of confusion.

How long can a Hungarian hunger strike go on?
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Mood at OGC Nice brightened by shirt sponsorship
Les Mutuelles du Soleil have become the new lead sponsor of French soccer club OGC Nice Côte d'Azur. The insurance group's logo will appear on the front of the Ligue 1 club's matchday jerseys for the rest of the 2011/12 season, and did so for the first.

Russia warns against US attack on Syrian forces
The warning came as Syrian government forces captured a hill on the edge of the northern city of Aleppo under the cover of air strikes. Russian foreign ... SANA said that among the bridges destroyed was the Tarif Bridge that links the eastern city of.

2017 Genesis G90 First Drive – By Any Other Name
Or they can be completely ignorant to the suspension technology’s existence. That’s what luxury is all about. Don’t expect to be bothered by intrusive noise, either. If ever there was a vehicle made for listening to an audiobook, it’s the G90.

12 Things Every Catholic Should Know About the U.S. Scandals
A list of important facts. 1. The crisis seems to be nearing its conclusion. The vast majority of allegations are from the 1960-1985 period, and only six cases of clerical sex abuse in 2009 have been reported. 2. There was no global cover-up. “Nobody.

For Israel, a Druze dilemma
“If that doesn’t work, Israel has the ability to use the air force against those trying to occupy Druze ... the leader of the Druze community in Israel, Sheikh Muafak Tarif, said that during a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chief.

Sharon: The life of a lion
The younger of two children, Ariel Sharon was born to Russian immigrants Shmuel and Devorah “Vera” Scheinerman on February 27, 1928, on a small moshav named Kfar Malal located near Kfar Saba, in the Sharon plain in the country’s center. At the.