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Stephen Hawking, for One, Does Not Welcome Our Potential Alien Overlords
In a half-century of hunting, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has turned up nary a whisper from E.T. But for renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, the non-success of SETI and others who hope to contact alien life might be for the best.

The Cult of Killing and the Symbolic Order of Western Barbarism
The display of the lynching of Mouamar Gaddafi exposes our societies for what they are. It mesmerizes and dismantles our capacity to think and critically assess a historical process. By focusing public attention on what constitutes a “ritualized atrocity.

OUR WORK In the context of a worsening social and economic environment, MdM’s programmes in France, in Europe and worldwide came under pressure in 2010. It was a year tainted by a rapid rise in poverty and health inequalities for the most.

Moving the Masses to Reject Terrorism / Register to Vote
According to Law n°23-2013, «all public administrations are called upon to provide ... Slim Amamou quoted in Confusion on the Net Past Disillusionment and Present Disinterest – Tunisians’ Reluctance to Vote Whereas a number of individuals interviewed.

Benedict XVI and Education
In May comes graduation days. Commencement time offers a moment for reflection on the purpose of higher education — especially in our Catholic universities. And every year we watch the Catholic universities to see who the commencement speakers are, and.

A Trinity-Shaped Life
I wonder if, on Trinity Sunday, many people feel like the sermon is answering a question they aren’t asking. (What does the Trinity have to do with my daily life?) And many preachers may think to themselves, “Here is another occasion when my job is to.

Video: Religious right rioters give fascist salute then attack police in France over gay marriage
In yet another video, we see more evidence of widespread violence in Paris yesterday from religious right anti-gay thugs who outright antagonized and attacked French police while giving the fascist one-handed salute in the air. Heckuva way to celebrate.

Edinburgh Business School Celebrates Success of African Graduates
JOHANNESBURG, South-Africa, January 30, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- On the 8th February, Edinburgh Business School ( ... and possibilities that would have been impossible without it”. Recently appointed.