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Video: Religious right rioters give fascist salute then attack police in France over gay marriage
In yet another video, we see more evidence of widespread violence in Paris yesterday from religious right anti-gay thugs who outright antagonized and attacked French police while giving the fascist one-handed salute in the air. Heckuva way to celebrate.

Getting Tested on a Quasi-Catechism
Did Jesus rise from the dead? Do you believe in heaven and hell? If so… What are the criteria for entry into heaven? Into hell? Were you to find out today that disobeying the ten commandments meant entry to heaven and abiding by them landed you in hell.

Packs of robots will hunt down uncooperative humans
The latest request from the Pentagon jars the senses. At least, it did mine. They are looking for contractors to provide a "Multi-Robot Pursuit System" that will let packs of robots "search for and detect a non-cooperative human". One thing that really.

Local money systems & E-Currency Systems ?
Forget Paypal. Virtual currency and online payment systems are proliferating like weeds. These systems provide an alternative to the limitations of official banking systems (although at greater risk). Most of them integrate with credit cards and cell.

How Much Do You Bench? Your Job Might Depend On It
Several weeks back, Barclays CEO Bob Diamond said in an interview that his firm received “applications from 107,000 kids at university, of which we had positions for 1,500.” Diamond threw out the numbers to show that, despite profits not being what.

L'impossible confiance mutuelle ? L'Iran et la communauté internationale, entre passé trouble et avenir incertain
An impossible mutual trust ? Iran and the international community between a lingering past and an uncertain future The extension of the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) until November 2014 that was agreed between Iran and the P5+1 Group (United States.

Turn Your Ubuntu Hardy to Mac OSX Leopard
You can’t really turn a Linux system to a Mac, but you definitely can make your Ubuntu Hardy looks like a Mac OSX Leopard. Next on the left, click on the Applet icon. On the right, scroll down to the stack Applet. Highlight it, then click Activate. This.

OGC Nice renew shirt sponsorship deal
Top-flight French soccer side OGC Nice have agreed a one-year renewal of their shirt sponsorship deal with Mutuelles du Soleil. The health insurance company has been the Ligue 1 club’s front-of-shirt sponsor since the 2011/12 season, and will continue to.

Autumn Gets Off to a Good Start With Three of the Year's Ten Biggest Sales Being Booked Over the Past Two Weeks
There is another major transaction to address this week. By now you have probably heard about a $16 million deal involving that Elliot Silver uncovered last week. In commentary on Elliot's blog, some considered it to be a domain name sale while.

droit libéral
au delà du débat juridique qui se déroule nécessairement dans l'espace du droit libéral..... Is it "rule of law" or "the liberal right" or "... The term doesn't seem to translate at all perfectly, but I think it refers to.