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Sunburn for 8.23.16 — 7 days Florida's primary elections - Florida Politics (blog)
Under the agreements, a contribution from one donor directly to a candidate can't exceeded the federal contribution cap, which is $2,700 each for the primary and general elections. Rubio … also has an agreement with the NRSC .... “As a private.

Authorities charge 301 in healthcare fraud schemes in largest-ever takedown
“As this takedown should make clear, healthcare fraud is not an abstract violation or benign offense; it is a serious crime,” U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch ... Before joining Modern Healthcare in 2014, she was an education reporter for the.

New York OTB: Remembering a city icon - Daily Racing Form (press release)
OTB intended to provide revenue to localities and clean the streets of organized - crime bookmaking. Little care was afforded ... OTB still handled approximately $750 million a year upon its death – nearly 40 percent of the state's parimutuel handle. Of.

Historicist: Rise and Fall of the Brown Derby - Torontoist
But apart from parimutuel machines at the horse track or playing cards at private social clubs, all other forms of gambling—sports-betting, punchboards, neighbourhood sweepstakes, and church bingo—were illegal. While wealthy sportsmen had the leisure.

POLICE BUILDING FUTURE: Council work session
Kilian said that the committee selected FFA based on their experience, knowledge of individual community style ... who has designed approximately 300 police buildings and crime labs nationwide. Councilor Diana Hinton asked if there is a point where.

Jacksonville Bold for 07.26.16 — Anger Management - Florida Politics (blog)
He accused them of “sloppy work,” even as others have said that the Sheriff picked the task force, with full knowledge of individual members' positions on such things as more cops and higher taxes to pay for them. The Mayor described the leak of.

For Prostitutes, Is Murder an Occupational Hazard?
When they do, their deaths may be dismissed as more occupational hazard than crime. Here, for example ... Cyndee Clay, the executive director of Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive, is one. The Washington, D.C.-based counseling and outreach center.

The golden era of Brooklyn racing - Daily Racing Form (registration)
There are no obvious traces left of Brooklyn's grand horse racing past. Not even a plaque where any of its three storied racetracks once stood, reminding unsuspecting passersby of the famed circuit that prospered there for three decades and laid the&nbsp.

Heartbreak at 45 mph - Broward New Times
A deep, scratchy voice announces their presence over the loudspeaker. "Heeeere comes Hollywood!" The gates open, and eight muzzled greyhounds spring forth in a speedy, thundering mass of bobbing fur, each wearing a brightly colored, numbered jersey.

OSHA and Workplace Violence: What Contractors Need to Know
The Occupational Safety and Health Act ... Nonetheless, a contractor could violate the General Duty Clause by ignoring or failing to recognize obvious threats or signs that an individual was going to commit an act of violence against other employees.

In Black (Book) and White - Vegas Seven
If the Board votes to accept the nomination of an individual , the wheels go in motion. The Gaming Commission ... When the hearing reconvened on November 21, 1991, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Miller presented, on behalf of the Board, the bill of.

Their View: California not so free
Occupational licensing is extensive and strict, especially in construction trades.” The authors recommended cutting spending – particularly in areas where California exceeds the national average, such as in general administration, housing and urban.

RELEASE: Removing Barriers to Economic Opportunity for Americans with Criminal Records Is Focus of New Multistate Initiative by CAP, NELP, and CLS
clean slate automatic record-sealing and occupational licensing reforms. Clean slate policies will be modeled after reforms currently advancing in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, which passed the Senate 50-0 earlier this summer. “Record-sealing.