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Information in perinatal medicine: ethical aspects
Besides the undeniable need to respect parental autonomy, providing information is a legal and moral obligation, to be informed a basic right. The act of informing should be considered as an exchange and necessarily begins by listening to the other.

Sound/Writing: On Homophonic Translation (Paris)
les formes collectives de la traduction homophonique (groupes de poètes, traduction collective, enseignement du creative writing) ; · l’influence mutuelle entre traduction homophonique et d’autres approches de la traduction ; la place de.

LINQ and Functional Paradigm (1) Getting Started
This is a tutorial of LINQ technologies and functional programming in C# language. The contents was initially based on my LINQ via C# talks. Hope it helps. FCL is a set of built-in libraries of rich APIs implemented as classes, interfaces, and structures.

Oriaku profiles
Current Offshore Safety Advisor, [OSA] Oil and Gas Production Operation Nigeria. at Oriental Energy Resources Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Past In- Country EHS Consultant, Nigeria Oil & Gas Production Operations. at Oriental Energy Resources.

Départ en retraite et mutuelle pour seior - le guide
Plastic surgery disaster - I imagine it must be very hard to talk . Plastic Surgery Tips, news . My mother's beloved Mr.Magoo just passed away. I think this was a message for her. Why Dogs Never Actually Die. This Guy Nails It. Your pets never die. (I know.

Catalogul Vizitelor de Studiu 2006-2007
education in our conservatory. Our students are between 10 and 25 years old. They are admitted by a special ability with the system of the Çukurova University. So,the study project we would like to prepare will give the participiants a possibility to see.